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27 Kasım 2009 Cuma

"productive forces? fine, let us develop them."

Genç bir Rus askerinden erken dönem sovyet tarihi yorumu. Basit ve özlü bir eleştiri. Buzlar Çözülürken’in de habercisi sayılabilir:

'Unfortunately the Russians and Bolsheviks too are great specialists in suffering. This time it is in the name of collective progress and productive forces while with the Cossacks the competition is strictly individual. I am a member of Komsomol, sure, not that I want to become a millionaire in the land of Soviets. We have gone beyond that sort of thing, but I am sick of sacrificing myself for the happiness of my grandchildren. Productive forces? fine. by all means. Let us develop them, but in such a way that we get benefit from them right now and without discrimination. For if we do not, I have my own five-year plan for the progressive elimination of suffering from my life'.
'But Kola, we are at war. What plan are you talking about? Tomorrow we could be killed', I say.
'If you place yourself in such an apocalyptic perspective, clearly there is not any plan which will stand up. Until we have proof to the contrary however, we are still alive and we need to think about the future during and after the war. For the present I am obeying the rules in everything that touches upon my immediate duty, but for the future, I am an intransigent partisan of a policy of non-suffering. It is my personal socialism and has nothing to do with these nationalist stupidities, any more than with the theory of productive forces. I am barely 20 years old, and as far as sacrifices are concerned, I have already exceeded a reasonably calculated norm for a long lifetime.'

Solik, sayfa 128.

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